Town Hall Meeting – 17 Dec 2016 – Sen. Carlson and Rep. Masin


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Being Thankful and Expecting the Best

Senate District 51 citizens re-elected their state representatives, Sandy Masin and Laurie Halverson, and their state senator, Jim Carlson, by wide margins on November 8th. For this we are thankful. We can be thankful because we know these three always put the needs of their community above politics. They serve us well. They make us proud. While their service in the new GOP-controlled Legislature will present challenges, we know they will work to serve the very best interests of Eagan, Burnsville, and Minnesota as a whole. We would like to be able to say that for the majority party. We hope it, too, will look out for the long-term interest of our whole community, but are glad to know that Jim, Laurie and Sandy will be there working to help make that happen.

Senate District 51 citizens also did their part in our national contests by supporting the election of Angie Craig to Congress and Hillary Clinton to the Presidency. They fell to the post-truth message of Donald Trump, which swayed a minority of Americans and a minority of CD2 voters to give office to Trump and Jason Lewis. Hard to take, given the false and hateful messages both espoused. But hate is no prescription for the future and voters will seek new leaders when that becomes apparent to all. We need to be prepared to again do our part when that opportunity arises.

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Call to Volunteers!

Opportunities to help and volunteer in the last few days before the Election are available. You can make a difference in the Election by putting your time, energy, efforts – every little bit is important, and every bit DOES make a difference. (Click the image for a pdf you can print and put in your pocket to remind you!) THANK YOU!

Updated 11/2/2016

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Voting Information

Minnesota’s Secretary of State issued this great information card:

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Resolutions approved in SD51 Convention on April 2, 2016

Want to know what DFL51 precinct caucus attendees and convention delegates think are our most compelling priorities? Check here the Resolutions we ADOPTED at our April 2nd convention. We’ve sent these on to the state DFL Platform Committee for its consideration as potential platform elements.

(View here ALL the resolutions  [pdf file, 62K, 11 pages] .)

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Welcome to the DFL51 Convention!

Congratulations, convention delegates and alternates, on your election! You’ll be representing your precincts at the Senate District 51 DFL Convention this coming Saturday, April 2, at Black Hawk Middle School, 1540 Deerwood Drive in Eagan. [map]

If you haven’t been to a SD51 Convention before, here’s what you can expect:

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We Thank You for Making Our Precinct Caucuses a Success! Here’s What’s Next!

Thanks to the 3,345 citizens that participated in our March 1 precinct caucuses at Eagan Senior High School! From everything we saw first hand and have heard since, our caucuses held robust and stimulating conversations about the future we would like to see in our community, state and nation. They elected local precinct leaders and delegates to the Senate District convention, and adopted resolutions. Oh, and by the way, they gave Bernie 56.8% and Hillary 42.5% of the votes cast in the Presidential preference ballot.

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PRECINCT CAUCUSES MARCH 1, 2016: Mark Your Calendars!

Many of you are aware of the PRECINCT CAUCUSES coming up on March 1, 2016.

This is an important occasion for every citizen!

Let your voice be heard on who will represent the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential election, propose resolutions to address issues that you believe are important, elect delegates to the Senate District convention, and meet your like-minded neighbors. The precinct caucus is the first “tier” of meetings. The next for those who become delegates is the convention of the Senate District (April 2), followed by the Congressional District convention (April 30), and the state DFL convention (June 4).     [more…]

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